A Little Pug Spreading Joy

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Meet Albert the Cute Pug

This is Albert, he is a happy dog full of personality, looking super cute in his Christmas outfit and doesn't he know it?! Albert also enjoys to run and pulls funny faces whilst doing it.

Pugs have an amazing personality and are often described as "a lot of dog in a small space". They are very suitable for families with children as they are seldom aggressive and stout enough to play with. Known for their love of napping and immense love for their owners, pugs will literally follow them everywhere. When an owner says "I'm going to the toilet", a pug hears "family meeting now!".

Pugs originated from China, where they were bred to be companions to Chinese Emperors, kept in luxury and treated as royalty. Guess they still expect that treatment today, do you blame them?!

Thank you to Albert for sharing his cute photos. You can see more of him wearing his adorable outfits on Instagram @albertpugdog



Running Pug

 Photos courtesy of: @albertpugdog

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