Finnegan, the Best Breakup Gift Ever!

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Finnegan was a breakup gift! Yes, you read correctly, a breakup gift! Needless to say, he was the best gift ever. 


DachshundFinnegan is a Dachshund from Canada. He loves being in his mom's purse, loves truck rides, walks and cuddles. He also loves pooping downstairs in his house when it’s cold outside! When Finnegan was only 10 weeks old, he did his first four hour hike all by himself, he wouldn’t let his mom hold him and kept whining to be let down to run! Last Christmas when he was travelling with his family for the holidays, he pooped in the middle of the airport. 


"I always had a dog growing up," said Finnegan's mom Jessica, "right now I have four dogs. Two big and two small. I always wanted to be a vet growing up, always loved animals. Still not a vet though."

Finnegan has a little sister Daisy Duke who's only 10 months old. Naturally, she loves to run and jump. She also loves truck rides, walks and people watching from the window. Her favorite food: beef liver and cheese. Daisy won her first race when she was only four months old!

Daisy Duke

Finnegan and Daisy are just so spunky and have tons of love to give everyone. They are always happy to see anyone and keep their mom grounded.

Dogs enrich our lives every day, making us laugh and giving us unconditional love. However, a little advise to all guys planning to breakup. Don't do it with a puppy. Obviously Finn turned out to be the best break-up gift ever. But a puppy is a 10 to 15 year commitment or sometimes even longer. Not everyone has the time or money that is required to look after a dog. Gifting a dog is generally not a good idea and definitely not a break-up gift.

Thank you to Jessica for sharing your story. You can see more of Finnegan and Daisy Duke's adventures on their Instagram @finnegan_daisyduke

Photos courtesy of @finnegan_daisyduke

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