Khaki Pearl, the French Bulldog

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Khaki Pearl is a four month old female French Bulldog from Colorado, who has stolen the hearts of her family. Khaki never leaves her mom's side and their favorite activity to do together is everything!

French Bulldog

Khaki runs lots of errand with her mom (Katherine). She rides along in shopping carts, while her mom, who's an interior and exterior designer, does her décor shopping. They also love grabbing coffee at their local Dutch Brothers drive-through, where Khaki has become a tiny little celebrity with all the employees and even gets a tiny pup cup of "coffee".

In addition to being on the go, Khaki also enjoys relaxing and pretending to nap in her fluffy bed, while keeping a very close eye on her mom when she's at her desk or working online. Khaki is also a great playmate to her sister, a French Bulldog named Bella who is three. 

French Bulldog

The minute the family laid eyes on Khaki, they fell in love with her They love how smart, playful and curious she is and how much love she spreads everywhere she goes.

Khaki will do anything for treats, so her family just purchased a scooter with the hope to train her to ride it. She already surfs the Roomba so they think she has a good shot at picking it up. She also has an incredible doggie wardrobe and even has her own closet filled with jammies, sweaters, jackets, harnesses, leashes, collars, bows and corsages. She also loves dog toys and has a very nice collection for her enjoyment. Yep, Khaki and Bella are spoiled. Many of Katherine's friends have said they wish they could be reincarnated as one of her dogs. Khaki and Bella are loved and given a wonderful life and rightly so! 

French Bulldog

Khaki's favorite game is “snatch the end of the toilet paper and run”, streaming it all throughout the house. Unfortunately for her, she's recently had to curb this bad habit in light of the current toilet paper shortage! She is really bummed now, so she has taken up a new game... tipping over the little trash cans to look for empty toilet paper rolls and then tear them up!

French Bulldog

The best thing about Khaki Pearl is how much she likes to cuddle. She loves to be super close and never lets her mom get out of sight. She has the sweetest temperament and is really easy going. She has beautiful light blue eyes, which are always gazing up at her mom, beckoning her to pick her up for more cuddles. Something which Katherine can of course not refuse and happily takes a break from any task she's doing for some extra cuddle time.
Khaki lives in an area which is filled with lots of wildlife and therefore requires constant supervision when she's outside. Bald eagles eye her during the day and huge barn owls at night. The day Khaki was brought home,  her family went to the park and a bald eagle swooped down within 15 feet of her! They got such a shock! From that point on it became top priority for them to keep her safe.

French Bulldog
A couple of young families with kids live behind Khaki's house. When Khaki comes outside all the kids come running to the fence screaming her name like she's one of the Beatles! She then struts her way to the fence line for their adoration, “Khaki Pearl, Khaki Pearl," the kids scream "come see us, you sweet little girl.”

French Bulldog

"Sharing her cuteness with others," says Katherine "is probably one of the most rewarding things about being a dog owner. If I had to describe Khaki in one word it would be irreplaceable! She has absolutely changed our life for the better and as you can see, our world pretty much revolves around her, which we don’t mind at all. We love this puppy to pieces!"

Thank you Katherine for sharing your lovely story about Khaki Pearl and for giving us insight into this amazing breed, the French Bulldog. 

You can see more of sweet little Khali Pearl on her Instagram @thespoiledFrenchies 

 Photos Courtesy of @thespoiledFrenchies

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