Meet Luna and Louie, the Mini Dachshunds

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Meet Luna and Louie, two adorable energetic, smart and curious Mini Dachshunds who love the outdoors. Louie is red shaded and only 11 months old. Luna is a silver dapple, almost two years old and has heterochromia, a rare and strikingly gorgeous condition which causes her to have two different colored eyes. Heterochromia is common in Dachshunds and contrary to many believes, dogs with blue eyes normally don’t have any vision problems. Both dogs were bred in Tasmania, an island state of Australia. 

To get to learn more about Mini Dachshunds, we asked Luna and Louie's mom (Loretta) some questions about them:

Mini Dachshunds

How did you decide you wanted a dog?
I love dogs. I had two German Shepherds prior to these two Doxies. When they passed away, I waited for a very long time, until the time was right, to give my heart to another pupper (or two) and I couldn’t be happier.
Why did you pick this breed ?
I picked this breed because of Fred, a long-haired mini dachshund who lives next door. I fell in love with him which is why I wanted my own. I only ever intended to own one but when Louie needed a home I couldn’t resist.

Mini Dachshund
What is their favorite food?
Cheese followed by anything else edible.
What is their favorite game?
Chasing each other, annoying one another and stealing food off each other.

Mini Dachshunds
Where is your favorite place to go together?
The beach, we all love that!
What is a bad habit that your dogs have?
Barking at everything and everyone who comes anywhere near our house.

Mini Dachshund
What is the best thing about Luna and Louie?
They are the most loyal creatures on the planet.
What is the naughtiest thing they have ever done?
Luna is a very good dog and nothing actually comes to mind. Louie is a different story. Too many to list for him…

Mini Dachshund
What is the funniest memory involving your dogs?
When Luna first walked into the ocean she thought that she could roll over on her back. She got quite a shock when the water came flooding over her. When Louie first used the doggie door he was so excited he walked straight off the deck, luckily it is very low to the ground, so he did a commando roll and kept walking.
What is the hardest thing about being a dog owner?
Not being able to explain to them that everything is going to be OK when they are unwell. We discovered that Louie had elbow displacia in both front legs when he was 7 months old. He has had 2 leg surgeries and is still recovering. I wish I could tell him that everything we are going through now is so that he can have the best life possible.

Mini Dachshund
What is the most rewarding thing about being a dog owner?
The unconditional love they give you, no questions asked.
If you could only use one word to describe your dogs, what would it be?
Luna: sassy
Louie: crazy
How have Luna and Louie changed your life for the better?
I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are there for me always and I am there for them.

Mini Dachshund

Thank you Loretta, for sharing your stories about Luna and Louie. You can follow more of their adventures on their Instagram Page @luna_silverdapple

Photos courtesy of @luna_silverdapple

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