Mochi Melton, the Grumpy Happy Frenchie

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Mochi Melton is a bright, affectionate charmer with stunning blue eyes and distinctive bat-like ear features. He's goofy, loving and always has a grumpy face. He's quite the fashionista with his adorable and funny outfits. Always looking super handsome and undoubtedly spreading a lot of smiles!

French Bulldogs are extremely easygoing and affectionate. They are very amusing companions and get along well with other dogs. They're somewhat slow to be house broken and sometimes a little oversensitive. So if you tell him off for peeing in the house, don't be surprised if he takes it very seriously and ends up sulking around the house for the rest of the day.

French Bulldogs don’t bark much but they are very vigilant and thus make for excellent watchdogs. Even though they might not bark a lot, they can still be very verbal in they're own way.

Did you also know that Frenchies can't swim?! Due to their chunky build and spherical shaped head, they can't swim. So if you're near water, make sure to put a doggie life vest on your Frenchie.

Thank you to Mochi Melton for sharing these adorable, funny photos. You can see more of Mochi on his Instagram @mochi_sushi_melton.


"If Tuesday were a movie, it would be called Monday part 2... Tuesday just got Monday~er"

French Bulldog

 "When your DNA comes back and it says you are 0.18% Japanese "

French Bulldog

"Dude, I’m right here. Why is everyone asking where’s Waldo?"

French Bulldog

"I’m going to Walmart, need anything?"

French Bulldog

 "I'm not here"

French Bulldog

"Hey mom... you're home early"

French Bulldog

"Money, attitude, and ego are like “undies” you should have it, but you should not show it. Unless you become a SUPERMAN"

French Bulldog Superman

Photos courtesy of: @mochi_sushi_melton

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