"Morty... Beer Please"

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Morty is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd, extremely loyal and very smart. Contrary to many believes, the Australian Shepherd is not from Australia and is in fact originally from the USA. Known for their ability to train and eagerness to please, Australian Shepherds' tend to have an amazing bond with their human, which is certainly the case with Morty and his human Florian.

As a puppy, Morty was shy and easily scared but always happy and exited to learn something new. In the first year, Morty and his human Florian mainly worked on basic commands and tricks. However, it was soon clear that Morty was special and was eager to learn more. At about eight months old, he learned his first extraordinary trick, to bring a beer! As he grew up, his character changed a bit. Still very shy but super friendly and easily exited with a very strong will to please.

Training a dog can often increase the bond shared between the dog and his human. Of course, we all known that some dogs are just mighty stubborn and even though training them is not impossible, it certainly is a lot harder than training a dog such as Morty. We asked Florian to give us some tips and training advice to help those of us with the more stubborn dogs (mine being a Dachshund):

"As a puppy, I took Morty to puppy school to get him socialized and to get tips and help from trainers, especially since Morty was my first dog. I think this is very helpful and keeps the training on track. But the real training happens at home on a daily basis. Don’t think that by going to dog training once a  week, your dog will learn tons of tricks and show exemplary behavior at home. I don’t have any fixed training times or schedule. Some days we don’t train at all, while other days we train 4 to 5 times. It should became a hobby rather than an obligation and both must have fun. Here are some of my traiing tips:

1. Teach your dog something you both can have fun doing.
2. If you don’t know how to start, check books or tutorials on YouTube on how to teach a particular trick.
3. Start with very small and easy steps.
4. Be patient and do several repetitions. If you think your dog didn’t get it at all, you may be surprised to see your dog doing the trick the next day on the very first try.
5. Only train for as long as your dog and you are having fun. 15 minutes is often more than enough. 
6. Always keep it playful and fun. If a trick doesn’t suit your dog, don’t try to force it on him. 
7. I train with treats, but if your dog is more exited by a toy, then use a toy to train. Every dog is different, be flexible."

Thank you Florian and Morty for sharing your amazing relationship and training tips. For those of you who can't get your "stubborn" dog to bring you that beer, you can always try "training" your husband.

You can see more of Morty's awesome tricks on his Instagram @flobeck92 

Videos courtesy of @flobeck92 
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