Oz, the Derpy Sausage with the Cutest Overbite

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"Oz the derpy sausage" is a charming little dachshund with the cutest overbite. He lives in Scotland with his family and his favorite thing in the world is his squeaky rubber chicken. He also has a hidden talent... he can howl "I love you".  

When his family went to view his litter they actually picked a little female. They hadn't even held Oz, who at the time, was snoozing away in his bed whilst the other puppies played. That night, when they got home, his mom-to-be just felt that something wasn't right and for some reason, kept looking at Oz's photo. She contacted the breeder and told them that they wanted Oz instead. However, there was someone going to see Oz that night and another the next day, so she was certain he’d be snapped up. Lucky for them, both picked other pups, so they got Oz!

A few days before collecting him, the breeder called to say that during his final vet check-up they noticed his overbite. They asked if they wanted to swap him for another pup, but of course Oz's family said no!

After a few weeks with them, Oz had to get some of his baby teeth removed as they were cutting into his palate due to his overbite. When Oz was about 6 months old, he had to go to a specialist for dental surgery as his adult teeth, once again, began to cut into his palate. Everything went well and thankfully now he’s great and won’t need anymore work done on his lovely pearly whites. 

Oz has also really helped his mom cope with her panic attacks. His arrival to the family made a huge difference. She now has this little guy to care of and focus on. When she has a panic attack, Oz climbs onto her chest, presses his face against hers and stays there until she calms down. He’s a little therapy dog and always senses when he's needed most!

Oz also has his own Instagram account. Starting it was just for fun but it really took off because of his funny little teeth and silly captions. They've made so many friends from so many different places and it has really changed their lives! His posts make a lot of people smile. 

Oz is very shy when he's out-and-about with his family.  He's also frightened of other dogs until he gets to know them but at home, he’s so full of character and makes everyone laugh all day, every day. He’s just a really special boy who brings so much happiness to his family and his Instagram friends.

Thank you to Oz and his lovely family for sharing their story and adorable photos. You can see more of Oz on his Instagram @oz.the.derpy.sausage.

"Phanta Clauph iph coming to town"


"It’ph hard to rephipht a bad boy"


"Nerd iph the new phexy"


"Exiphtential criphiph"


"Give me your clotheph, your bootph and your motorphycle..."


 "I woof you"

Photos & video courtesy of @oz.the.derpy.sausage

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