Top 10 Gift Ideas For Dogs 2020

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We all love receiving gifts and so do our dogs! So whether you want to simply spoil them or give them a birthday gift, here's a list of our all-time favorites:

1. Hot Dog Bed

Hot Dog Bed

We absolutely love this dog bed! It's super soft, comfortable and of course very funny. Just like us, our dogs need a comfortable bed to crawl into every evening. Your dog will love it! HOT DOG BED

2. Self-playing Tug-a-War For Dogs

Self-playing tug-a-war dog toy

This toy is one of our all time favorites! It's fun, durable and keeps your dog busy while you're at work. Designed with a suction cup, it can be stuck to the floor to let your dog play tug-a-war for hours. SELF-PLAYING TUG-A-WAR TOY

3. Portable Dual-Design Water Bottle and Feeder

Portable Dual-Design Water Bottle and Feeder

This dual design bottle is extremely handy to take with during long hikes or travelling. It's light weight and easily fits in any backpack. Your dog will be so grateful! PORTABLE DUAL-DESIGN WATER BOTTLE AND FEEDER

4. Dogbrella - Umbrella for Dogs

Dogbrella - Umbrella For Dogs

This umbrella, specially designed to keep your dog dry during rainy days is a must have. No more excuses for pooping in the house! DOGBRELLA

5. Retro Sports Hoodie

Hoodie For Dogs

Keep your pup snug with this super cool retro sports hoodie and show off his sense of style! RETRO SPORTS HOODIE

6. Bandanna 

Bandannas for dogs

We just love these adorable dog bandannas to celebrate their special day or to announce a special event in a unique way. BANDANNAS

7. Personalized Name Tag

Dog Pendant

If your dog takes pride in his appearance, he'll love this beautiful personalized name tag! PERSONALIZED NAME TAG

8. Lace Princess Pet Bed

Lace Dog Bed

Stunning princess style bed, made with soft fabric and decorated with beautiful lace and pink ribbons. A great gift for your little princess. LACE PRINCESS BED

9. Funny Teeth Ball

Teeth Ball for dogs

These colorful teeth balls are just too funny. Made from durable latex that is soft and easy for dogs to carry around in the mouth. Fun for your dog but also for you! FUNNY TEETH BALL

10. Automatic Laser For Cats and Dogs

Automatic Laser Toy For Dogs And Cats

This automatic laser for cats and dogs is a must have. Hours of fun and entertainment! Especially handy while you're at work. It has a manual mode and an automatic mode, which is active for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours. The laser has two different speeds and can can be adjusted to 5 different angles. AUTOMATIC LASER

These were our top 10 gift ideas for dogs, hope you like them as much as we do!

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