Willow, the Cute Mini Dachshund

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This little cutie pie is Willow and she's an 8 month old Mini Dachshund. She brings so much joy to her family and now and then nibbles on things she's not supposed to. Luckily, she doesn't do that anymore that often.

To get to learn more about Willow and Mini Dachshunds in general, we asked Willow's mom (Kristie) some questions about her:

What are some of your favorite activities to do together? 

We like to go walking and running together and explore new places. She loves cuddling with family and she likes to go for rides in the car. 


What is Willow's favorite food? 
She eats puppy formula and loves it. But of course she loves peanut butter too every once in a while. 

Where is your favorite place to go together? 
Any park but she also loves visiting her sister Gracie so they can play together. 


What is a bad habit that she has?
Chewing on things that she’s not supposed to. Fortunately, she doesn’t do it too often.

What is the best thing about Willow?
She is very good at listening and well behaved. She goes with the flow and is very loving to everyone.

What is the funniest memory involving Willow?
The first time she experienced snow. She hates the rain. So we were worried about how she would do in the winter. But the first time it snowed she ran around the yard through the snow and immediately stuck her face straight into the snow! She still does it every time she goes outside in the snow. It’s really funny to watch.
What is the most rewarding thing about being a dog owner?  She’s our family’s first puppy. So everything she does is a first for us. We’ve just loved watching her grow.

If you could only use one word to describe Willow, what would it be?


How has Willow changed your life for the better? 
She brightens everyone’s mood. She’s gotten me out of the house and more active since we go for many walks. She’s been a muse for me to get back to having fun with my creativity.
Thank you Kristie, for reminiscing with us about Willow and teaching us more about the wonderful character of Mini Dachshunds. 

You can see more of Willow's adventures on their Instagram Page @willow.d_the_doggy_ or on Facebook @willowthedoggy

Photos courtesy of @willow.d_the_doggy_

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